Dahl Dance Wedding Dances

Congratulations on your engagement! We know that you are excited and want every moment along the way to be a wonderful memory to share as you dance through life together.

At Dahl Dance we provide lessons, unique choreography, music editing and staging recommendations for your first dance.  Your instructor will work with your story and help you feel confident and elegant on the dance floor.

We recommend that you begin 3 – 6 months prior to your special day and have several packages that allow each couple to find what works for your schedule.

Important Things To Consider: 

Your song! Any special music from your story? If not, we can help. Your instructor will get to know you and find the perfect fit.

Footwear! Dancing is best when you are comfortable so make sure your shoes will allow you to be balanced and smiling.

Your schedule! Practicing once a week is best and you need to make time and patience for each other.

Your venue! Concrete in a barn? Hardwood? Tile? Surfaces and how much space are important.

Package Options:

The Emergency – suggested start… before the first dance

A quick primer on how to hold each other and a couple basic moves to give you some great pictures and ease the nerves. Great for Father/Daughter or Mother/Son moments!

2 lessons/ 45 minutes each/ $190

Basic Brush Up – suggested start 2 months prior to wedding

Learn the basics two social dances that you can use for your first dance and the rest of the party. This package doesn’t include choreography but will get you comfortable dancing with each other.

5 lessons/ 45 minutes each/ $475 couple

First Dance-suggested start 4 months prior to wedding

Unique choreography for your first dance, music editing if needed, expert staging advice and tips for your photographers to catch the best angles.

10 lessons/45 minutes each/ $950 couple

Perfect Night – suggested start 4 – 6 months prior to wedding

Unique choreography for your first dance, music editing of multiple songs if needed, staging advice, photo and video suggestions, PLUS lessons covering fun social dance moves to work with your dj or live music style.

15 lessons/ 45 minutes each/ $1425

What next? Choose your package and click the link to purchase. Once you have purchased your option, a Dahl Dance team member will contact you to schedule your first appointment and you will be dancing in no time.

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