Dahl Dance was founded in 2005, in the River Center Plaza, by April and Gary Dahl and two dancing children. They wanted a place to train dancers that would be family friendly and provide students with a new level of technical expertise that was lacking in Rochester.Over the years they have been fortunate to gain an amazing staff who share their passion for teaching, helped to build multiple college dance programs, founded new dance organizations within the community and used their dancing to raise funds for arts education in Rochester. Dahl Dance has been visited by master dance coaches from all over the world and Gary and April continue to invite guest artists to the community to educate and inspire their students.

Now located at 2625 Hwy 14 West, along the north side frontage road, Dahl Dance is continuing their mission of connecting people through social dance. Join the dance floor and make new partnerships in the studio and in downtown Rochester at the many different events they sponsor.

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