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Gary Dahl


Master Level Instructor

Gary Dahl founded Dahl Dance with his partner in 2005. He has been instructing dancers  for over 25 years, is a regular finalist in the Dancer‘s Cup tour and was recently inducted into the DCT Instructor Hall of Fame. His journey to dance started with a girl inviting him onto the floor in highschool and although the girl moved on, the dancing stayed! He thoroughly enjoys the technical precision of dancing and his passion is for finding new ways to help his students understand their bodies and the music. Gary is a former member of the Beyond Ballroom Dance Company in Minneapolis, a sought after collegiate level coach and a guest instructor with Dancing Classrooms. When not teaching, he can be found on the golf course in summer and raquetball courts in winter, enjoying catching a few fish and running his woodworking company, Art in Advertising.

April Dahl


Owner/ Master Level Instructor

April Dahl founded Dahl Dance with her partner in 2005. She has been dancing for over 35 years and is skilled in multiple dance disciplines including ballet, jazz, contemporary, ballroom, Latin and Argentine Tango. Her constant dancing started as a child. Her mother will testify to the many kitchen mishaps as April used counters for stretching and spun her way through the room while making everyone stand up straight.  She holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of MN and is a certified postural alignment specialist. Her passion is helping people enjoy movement through music and working with clients recovering from injuries that have affected their balance and coordination. She is a former member of the Beyond Ballroom Dance Company in Minneapolis, has participated as a guest artist with numerous dance companies and universities and was one of the top five for 2016 at the United States Argentine Tango Championships. When not in the studio, April has an addiction to Argentine Tango, and has toured extensively in the US and abroad studying with the master’s of this art form.  She enjoys cooking, loves adventures with her kids, is an exercise enthusiast, snowboards and still makes people stand up straight.

Summer Laqua


Associate Instructor

Summer Laqua has been dancing since she was two years old and was never too shy to move on any dance floor. She began with ballet, dancing in the Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Her passion then fueled her to start a high school dance team her senior year of high school. She was the director of Triton & Byron Just For Kix Program for 10 years along with coaching the Triton H.S. Dance Team.  Following her love of art, Summer then attended cosmetology school to be able to create new looks for dancers. Currently, she owns Summer Laqua Enterprises located in the north Rochester Sola salons building.   Seeking a new challenge in her dancing, she became a student at Dahl Dance, training and performing with them for two years, prior to joining their staff. Summer is also a certified Prana Vinyasa yoga instructor with over 200 hours of education. Her goal in teaching is to inspire her students to enjoy movement, make friends and experience the joy of dance.