Master Level DVIDA

James enjoys dancing because it challenges the body both physically and mentally ( sometimes the mental a bit more!). He started dancing to enjoy it with his wife and children and the passion to learn led him to pursue teaching. Argentine tango is one of his favorite styles and he has continued training with tango masters all over the US as well as traveling to the mecca of tango, Buenos Aires.  As a founding member of the Tango Society of Rochester, he has helped develop a strong tango community locally and still serves on their board.  He has competed in the American styles of dance nationally and enjoys helping his students work towards their own competitive or social goals. His initial motivation of dancing with his wife and kids is still forefront and he can be seen with his family at the local chapter of USA DANCE each month and performing at local events around the city. In his spare time he enjoys finding golf balls that have wandered off and a good steak.

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