Dahl Dance Classes

West Coast Swing – The Wild Wild West

7 weeks – July 13th – August 31st – Thursdays 7 pm

The social dance floor can be a wild and scary place. This course will calm your fears and answer the “what if’s?” of social dancing. What if the music is weird?? What if my partner is rough?? What if it’s crowded?? What if my watch gets stuck in my partner’s hair and I have to shave their head?? ( actually happened) This course will answer all of your pressing questions while learning some cool moves. You must have completed a beginner series to attend and, honestly, to have time to form questions . $75/person

West Coast Swing : Fantastic Patterns and Where to Find Them

7weeks – July 10th – August 21st – Mondays at 8 pm
Learn how to make magic happen on the dance floor, create spellbinding steps of your own and share your creative brilliance with your partner. You must have completed a basic west coast swing spells course to enroll:)

Argentine Tango: Building the Dance – Advanced Beginner

8 weeks – July 11th – August 29th
This tango series will work on connecting elements to create a smooth story line with your partner.
We will do a review of tango terminology, incorporate new methods for practice and learn how to improvise on the dance floor confidently.
The series is open to those who have already completed a basic tango series.
This course will be followed each week by our “breaking the tanda” free practice hour 9 pm – 10 pm. All dancers welcome – we encourage this to be BYOB!  ” bring your own beginner”  and introduce new dancers to the tango.
 $80/person – register online

West Coast Swing Weekend with Matt Auclair

Dahl Dance West Coast Swing Weekend with Matt Auclair
August 19th and 20th
New format – new ideas – new learning curves!
We will be hosting the first west coast swing intensive with Matt this August. Class will have new structure allowing for more continuity of ideas and to encourage retention of concepts presented.
Classes will meet Noon -3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. there will be a short break included at the instructor’s discretion to allow for re-fueling ( bring a snack:)).
The intensive is for the intermediate level dancer and above. We will be hosting a social dance Saturday night 9 pm – midnight. Beginners are welcome to attend that for a $10 cover.
Intensive registration is $99 ( by August 1st) and includes Saturday evening dance.  Click paypal link to register
Registration after 8/1/or at the door is by cash or check only $125/person

Private Dance Lessons

Want to learn to dance quickly and comfortably? Private dance lessons are the most efficient and fun way to learn. Private dance lessons may be scheduled by appointment based on what fits best for you. You will have the opportunity to work with Rochester’s top dance education specialists in a relaxed environment that allows the instructor to create a program that is focused on you. Private dance classes may be attended by one or two people. Your instructor will partner with you to help you learn to social dance, compete, develop body confidence, prepare for a special event…whatever your goals are, we will provide coaching to get there!
Dahl Dance Center instructors are all nationally certified and trained in International and American styles of dance; and our staff training program works monthly on incorporating new teaching techniques and current dance trends. Our teachers have been recognized across the US for their dance and teaching skills. They will assist you in developing confidence, dance style and poise and meeting other dancers like you. If you are going to invest in yourself through learning to dance, Dahl Dance is the best place to get started!

Couples preparing for a wedding should plan on starting at least 3 months prior their special date. We will be happy to help you find the perfect song, if you don’t already have one in mind, and edit any music that needs a little work:)

Private dance classes are 45 minutes and scheduled by appointment Monday – Friday between 1 pm and 10 pm. Weekend lessons are available depending on instructor schedules.

Purchase online and then give us a call 507-252-1848 to schedule your appointment


WCS Wild Wild West $75

WCS Fantastic Patterns $75

Tango – Building the Dance $80

Auclair WCS Weekend Early Bird Pass $99 – till 8/1

New Student Course $149